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Dear Sue,
Hello from Barbara – I taught chair yoga to John during the pandemic (Dave & Mary Salkever had invited him to join my classes). He was such a lovely man and so enthusiastic about the yoga! We discovered we both liked playing games (I probably mentioned Boggle and Bridge, and he had his favorites) and Dave told me about John's lifelong love and study of the creatures of the air, land, desert and the many books he'd written. Fascinating! I remember you from classes that you attended, too.

Today I picked up an envelope from John that was addressed to me (in his memorable handwriting 🙂 at my Cambridge yoga studio. It contained a check for $100 for yoga classes, written in Jan of 2021. I immediately worried that it arrived because he had passed and someone was sorting thru his things, discovered it, and dropped it in a mailbox. And indeed yes, I looked him up on Google tonight, and was directed to this John Alcock site. I am very sorry for your loss. I loved reading about his life and his family.

I thought you might like to know what was in the "mystery envelope'' (of course I would never cash the check) and to let you know what fond memories I have of John.
All good wishes,